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Research Funding

Region Örebro County offers a wide range of funding and opportunity to combine clinical work with research.

Reserch Committee of Region Örebro County

The Research Committee of Region Örebro County allocates financial support to clinical research within the region. The main focus is to allocate funding to PhD student and to support research projects in an early stage of the academic career. Approximately 10 million Skr are allocated per year. In addition, the Research Committee allocates local donation foundations for research purposes. To be eligible for funding, the applicant must be employed within Region Örebro County for at least 25%, submit an application in Research Web in accordance with the guidelines and present an updated curriculum vitae within this electronic system.

The Research Committee, which consists of researchers from Region Örebro County and Örebro University have regular meetings were all applications are reviewed, before a decision about funding is agreed on. 


Research Committee of Region Örebro County

ALF funding

ALF funding is open applications for the employees in Region Örebro County, Region Värmland and Region Dalarna as well as for senior lecturers at Örebro University. The ALF funding is allocated to support clinical research as defined in the national ALF agreement. A number of positions are available according to academic career level from appointments for PhD students, postdoctoral appointments and appointment at the associate professor and adjunct professor levels.


ALF funding Region Örebro County

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Last updated: Friday, April 1, 2022