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The path to a Swedish license

We offer support for newcomers to Sweden with professional qualifications earned outside the country, helping you navigate the Swedish language and qualify for a Swedish license within your profession.

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Our support initiatives are designed to provide you with the best possible assistance on the journey to seek a Swedish license within your profession and secure employment with us. By participating in these initiatives, you will become familiar with our organization and operations and the experience of working with us.

We take pride in offering support from our own language teachers!

The support initiatives are tailored to help you achieve the required Swedish language proficiency level (C1 level).

Various support initiatives based on educational background

We provide support initiatives for those with professional qualifications within the EU/EEA or Switzerland and those outside the EU/EEA:

  • Combined language and practical training to achieve C1 proficiency in Swedish.
  • Support for proficiency test through networks (for those trained outside the EU/EEA).
  • Assistance with practical internship (for those trained outside the EU/EEA who pass the proficiency test).

Who can apply?

To participate in the support initiatives, you need to meet following requirements:

  • Professional qualifications within the EU/EEA or Switzerland or outside the EU/EEA.
  • You do not need to be employed by us to participate, but you should intend to work with us once you obtain your Swedish licensure.
  • Have had your education evaluated by the National Board of Health and Welfare and received a decision on the continued licensure process.
  • Possess sufficient Swedish language skills to achieve the C1 level within the specified course duration.

What does it cost to participate?

Participation is free but requires full attendance during the course and a commitment to achieving the C1 language proficiency level within the given time.

How to apply

Send your expression of interest by filling in our job interest form.

Register your interest in our job interest form.

Attach a CV and the decision from the National Board of Health and Welfare confirming the evaluation of your education.

If you only need to complete practical internship, please let us know when you register your interest.

Meet our employees who have received language support

Meet some of our employees who received language support in learning Swedish before joining our team and listen to their experiences of developing their Swedish language skills.

Learn more.


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Last updated: Friday, March 8, 2024