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Dental Care

Region Örebro County has the comprehensive responsibility for planning dental health care in Örebro County

Dental care is offered by Region Örebro County as well as by private dentists to the inhabitants of Örebro County. Dental care run by Region Örebro County is named Folktandvården. Private dentists and Folktandvården offer dental care on the same terms. Patients are free to choose for themselves whom they want to consult.

Region Örebro County pays all costs for dental care for children and young people under the age of 20. People over 20 pay their dental care directly to the clinic chosen, in accordance with its stipulated rate. Certain measures are partly covered by the Social Insurance Agency according to regulations set by the Swedish State. Adult patients with special needs are compensated according to regulations administered by Region Örebro County.

Just over 90 per cent of the children and young people, and about 40 per cent of the adult population, regularly get their general dental care at a clinic run by Folktandvården. There are 23 such clinics, geographically situated all over the County. In Örebro Folktandvården also has a clinic open on duty, every day of the year.

Highly specialised dental care in all fields of dentistry is provided for by the Postgraduate Dental Education Center (in Swedish: “Folktandvårdens centrum för specialisttandvård”), to children as well as adults. This centre, situated in Örebro, also engage in education and research concerning dental care.

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