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Odontological Education Center

Odontological Education Center 

The Odontological Training Center provides specialist training/specialisation placements for dental residents as well as different training programmes for dental staff. The Unit also runs conferences and seminars covering a range of dentistry areas and issues.

The 'Odontological Theme Days' conference takes place each year on the first Thursday and Friday in February.

The Department of Prosthetics and Department of Periodontology/Implants offer therapy discussions. The offer applies to dental practitioners who would like help with therapy discussions/planning.

Pain relief and sedation with an emphasis on nitrous oxide sedation in dental care, 7.5 higher education credits. The aim of the programme is for the course participants to perform nitrous oxide sedation and sedation using benzodiazapines in dental treatment and to apply sedation techniques that promote low occupational exposure to nitrous oxide.

Implant prosthetics – foundation course, 7.5 higher education credits.
The aim of the programme is to enable the course participants to plan and perform simple implant-supported prosthetics with due consideration given to indications, contraindications and other treatment alternatives.

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