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Specialist training

Specialist training

The Odontological Education Unit in Örebro provides specialist training/specialist placements for dental residents in dental radiology, oral prosthetics, orthodontics, periodontology and paedodontics.

Approved by the National Board of Health and Welfare

The Odontological Education Unit has been approved by the National Board of Health and Welfare for training specialists in these five areas. The training programmes extend over 3-4 years and are in full compliance with the stipulations laid down by the National Board of Health and Welfare.
SOSFS 1993:4 (M) National Board of Health and Welfare directives and general guidelines: Specialist placements for dental practitioners.

Course places

There are nine permanent places, divided between the departments and funded jointly by the county councils. In addition to these places, there are further places at the Odontological Education Unit. These are termed 'contract places' and are funded by the county council in the student's home area.

At present, 25 dental residents are being trained at the Odontological Education Unit, making it the leading, and the largest, specialist education unit in Sweden for dental practitioners.

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