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Medical care in Örebro County

Urgent and life-threatening

In the event of a life-threatening condition such as heart problems, major bleeding, broken bones, breathing difficulties etcetera, do not wait.
Call 112 to SOS Alarm centre.

Acute poisoning accidents: call 112.

Non-urgent poison information: 08 – 33 12 31.

Give the SOS operator as much information as possible and be prepared to answer questions about the incident, the telephone number you are calling from and the location.
112 is the public emergency phone number in Sweden. One call will put you in touch with all the emergency services.

Medical advice

You can get 24-hour medical advice calling 1177 (no area code). Your phonecall will be answered by experienced nurses, who will help you to find the best treatment.

Local primary care centres

Local primary care centres listed on this website.


The county hospitals
Örebro University Hospital (USÖ): 019 – 602 17 00,
(+46 19 602 17 00 for international calls).
Karlskoga Hospital: 0586 – 660 00,
(+46 586 660 00 for international calls).
Lindesbergs Hospital: 0581 – 850 00,
(+46 581 850 00 for international calls).

Region Örebro County

Region Örebro County: 019 – 602 10 00.

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