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About us

Örebro University Hospital (USÖ) is a wellness and healthcare center that is growing dramatically. As a university hospital, we offer modern and accessible healthcare on the best scientific foundation. Together with the hospitals in Lindesberg and Karlskoga, we offer specialized somatic care to the county's 280,000 inhabitants, roughly 190,000 of whom get their care at USÖ. Our work is based on high-quality nursing, diagnostics, and treatment, and on meeting each and every patient in a positive and personal way.

We are proud of our hospital, and base our operations on professionalism, commitment, and team spirit.

A teaching hospital that is a leader in learning

USÖ is rated as an excellent teaching environment and has a strong reputation for teaching and advisory activities. We are advancing medical research and education together with Örebro University. We have long offered most existing healthcare curricula. As a result of our cooperative relationship, a complete physician-training program will be offered in Örebro as of 2011. This new program will help relieve Sweden's national shortage of doctors and improve the availability of care.

The physician-training program will offer USÖ tremendous opportunities to continue growing as a university hospital; not only in terms of teaching, but also with regard to research and highly specialized care.

Quality work

Our quality work involves operating systematically, using scientifically grounded methods, and measuring, following up, and improving the care we provide. We are strongly concerned with medical results, accessibility, and safety, as well as contact with our patients and those close to them.

USÖ is working very actively with national and local quality registers that monitor areas such as diagnostics, treatment methods, and results. These quality registers enable learning and constant improvement, and are thus essential in a modern wellness and healthcare system. USÖ participates in most existing quality registers, and follow-ups show that our medical results are excellent in many areas.

Medical safety is another important facet of our quality work. Our medical safety target several different levels, and include everything from hygiene routines aimed at preventing infections to thorough analyses of deviations in the care we provide. This work helps us to do a better job of preventing care-related injuries, and thus to offer good-quality care.

An environmentally aware hospital

Örebro University Hospital is an environmentally aware hospital that is constantly making improvements with a view to achieving sustainable development. Compared with other university hospitals, USÖ has the lowest energy consumption in Sweden. We save roughly MSEK 10 annually through more efficient energy use, with the result that more money can be invested in healthcare

Beautiful surroundings

The hospital has beautiful architecture and is replete with artistic decoration. Its location between downtown and the city park offers both an urban environment and peace and quiet within walking distance.

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One of seven university hospitals in Sweden

Six strategic areas with 34 clinics or the equivalent

Ca. 560 beds

3,600 employees

50 different occupational groups

MSEK 50 allocated to research annually

Annual sales of ca. SEK 3.4 billion

A day at USÖ

Ca. 1,000 patients visit the hospital's clinics

Ca. 560 patients are admitted for care

Ca. 2,500 people at work

Six children are born

Ambulances make 30 emergency calls and/or patient transfer calls

The hospital costs ca. MSEK 8 to operate