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The Swedish Biobanks in Medical Care Act (SFS 2002:297) allows the use of human biological specimens that have been collected and/or stored within healthcare, for research and clinical trials if the patient/donor has given his or her consent to this.

The Örebro Läns Landstings (ÖLL) biobank comprises approximately 1.5 million samples, both normal and malignant. The biobank includes the following samples:

- Tissue (both cryo-preserved and formalin fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE))
- Blood samples (e.g. whole blood, serum, plasma, buffy coat)
- Fluids (e.g. urine, cerebrospinal fluid)

Medical information generally associated with the samples is diagnoses, histopathological reports and clinical data in the form of medical records.

How to gain access to the biobank samples?

In order to collect and/or use human samples for research purposes, an approval by the Swedish Ethics Review Board for each specific project or clinical trial is required; This application must be submitted by a Swedish principal investigator.
Regarding clinical trials for medical products, an approval by the Swedish Medical Products Agency and a statement from the Swedish Data Inspection Board is also mandatory if the study includes certain analyses of genetic traits.

Given the above mentioned preconditions, an application for access to samples from the ÖLL’s biobank can be submitted to either:
1) the head or custodian of the biobank resided in Örebro; or to
2) Uppsala-Örebro Regional Biobank Centre at Uppsala University Hospital (Regionalt Biobankscentrum Uppsala Örebro, more detailed information available in Swedish).

The first applies when;
- there is only one responsible research institution (single-centre studies)
- the study is based on existing samples (single-centre or multi-centre studies)
- where the samples would not be released

The latter should be contacted in case of multi-centre principle, that is when:
- more than one responsible research institution participates
- the samples will be newly collected for that specific project
- the samples are to be released to a recipient research biobank

A flow chart on the exact application process can be found here.(Valid for the whole country, not specific to Örebro)

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