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University Health Care Research Center (UFC)

The UFC is a research center within the Region Örebro County health care services.

The mission of the UFC is to increase the scientific competence in the Region Örebro County by stimulating, initiating and supporting research and development projects. We conduct and support clinical patient-related research as well as research-preparatory projects. 
Our aim is to provide the best possible conditions for citizens' health and care.

Our primary research partner is Örebro University.

The UFC employs around 60 people, among whom are five professors, eight associate professors, research supervisors, PhD students and administrators. Our projects are funded by i.e. Region Örebro County, The Swedish Research Council, Forte, RFR.

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Kristina Arnrup, PhD, DDS


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+46 19 602 58 90


University Health Care Research Center (UFC)
Örebro University Hospital, S-building
SE-701 85 Örebro, Sweden


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