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Work & Education

10 000 employees

Region Örebro County work first and foremost with medical health and dental care. The most important task is to promote public health according to the needs of the county population.

Region Örebro County is one of the county’s largest employers with about 10 000 employees, occupied in several hundred different types of professions. The majority is engaged in health care but there are also a number of employees working in other branches such as administration, research, IT, transportation and service occupations.

However, new staff members are always needed. About 80 per cent of the employees have a college or university education.

The University of Örebro offers several study programmes suitable for later employment at Region Örebro County, for example education of occupational therapists, nurses and psychologists.

Region Örebro County also work together with Örebro University in the field of medical sciences and has recently established a comprehensive medical degree course in Örebro.

Region Örebro Countys policy

Region Örebro Countys first priority towards the employees is to ensure good leadership and cooperation, development and learning, a healthy working environment, diversity and everyone’s equal worth.

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