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Childcare/preschool, school and recreation

Swedish preschools are meant for children aged from one year old until they are scheduled to start school.
Most Swedish children begin kindergarten when they are six years old. The autumn of the year when the child turns seven is when the child starts first grade. Compulsory school extends to the ninth grade. After compulsory school there is upper secondary school education for three years, which has a vocational, or college preparatory focus. More about childcare and schooling is available at the website of The Swedish National Agency for Education, "Skolverket".

The municipals are responsible

 Each municipality organizes and is responsible for its preschools and schools. Both private and public schools are available and it is possible to select schools in municipalities or towns other than where you reside. More information is available at the municipalities' websites.
Degerfors municipality
Hällefors municipality
Karlskoga municipality
Ljusnarsberg's municipality (Kopparberg)
Lindesberg's municipality
Nora municipality
Lekeberg's municipality
Örebro municipality

We will be happy to help our new employees and their families with initial contacts regarding childcare, schooling and children's recreational activities.

The Swedish Social Insurance Agency is the authority where you apply for parental benefit or contact when you are caring for a sick child, and apply for sickness benefit.


Municipalities and clubs have a wide range of recreational activities for children and youth. You can find this under the heading "Fritid" in each municipality's website.






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