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Culture and recreation

There are a wide range of cultural and recreational opportunities in Örebro county with many places to visit and experience.

Some places of interest include: 

Örebro Castle,
the open-air museum Wadköping,
the water tower Svampen, “the Mushroom”
the ruins of Riseberga convent,
the smelting-house Pershyttan,
the wooden houses in the town of Nora,
the Nordic House of Culinary Arts in Grythyttan,
and Alfred Nobel's manor Björkborn and museum in Karlskoga.  
Örebro County Administrative Board 

Sights and activities in the county

Örebro County museum

Örebro County Theatre

The Swedish Chamber Orchestra and Örebro Concert Hall 
Mountain bike-trails in The heart of Sweden
Bergslagsleden, The Bergslag Trail, is one of Sweden's top-three trails for hiking 

Camp, bike or ride horses in Tiveden

Cultural and recreational activities in Örebro


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