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Housing in Sweden is generally spacious and modern, in both rural and urban areas.

The cost of housing in smaller communities and the countryside is often less expensive than in the large town of Örebro. If you wish to live in a smaller community, you may find houses with attractive pricing in such locations. 
The websites Hemnet and Booli list apartments and houses for sale.

Eventually you will certainly find a property which will suit you. However, it might be difficult to search for housing from Holland – for this reason we would be happy to help you in your preliminary search for a place to live.

If you want to rent a place to stay you can find one using this list of landlords

The commuting distance within the county is comfortable. You can get around by car quickly and comfortably, without traffic jams. The distance between Frövi and Lindesberg is approx. 20 km, which equals about 23 minutes driving time. Between Nora and Hällefors the distance is approx. 50 km, with a similar driving time. Google maps

There are also good opportunities for travelling by public transport. Bus and train connections vary between the different places. A train connection between Lindesberg and Kopparberg takes around 20 minutes. A bus between Karlskoga and Degerfors takes around 20 minutes. Please ask specific questions about the details around commuting!

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