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Örebro County

You might want to start with a map of the county. 

Inhabitants: approx. 278,000
Municipalities: twelve, of which Örebro is the largest with approx. 134,000 inhabitants
Largest lakes: Vättern and Hjälmaren
Highest mountain: Svinhöjden in Kilsbergen, 436 m above sea level
Nature reserves: around 170
National parks: Tiveden National Park, Garphyttan National Park Location: Örebro County is geographically situated in the centre of Sweden, about 200 km, or a two-hour drive, from Stockholm and 300 km, or a three-hour drive, from Gothenburg. The county consists of the province of Närke, the western half of Västmanland and minor parts of Värmland and Västergötland.

The county offers a variety of landscapes and historical and cultural traditions. Many homesteads and old smelting-houses bear witness to past centuries when iron was mined in the northern part of the county. The central part is dominated by vast sections of farmland, estates and small industrial communities. Fishing and boating are common in the districts around the lakes Vättern and Hjälmaren.

Regional and local organisation

Aside from Region Örebro County, there are also smaller government entities in Swedish counties, known as "municipalities". Although these municipalities are independent of Region Örebro County, cooperation is necessary in many areas. Örebro County consists of twelve municipalities:
(Link to map of municipalities)

Örebro County Administrative Board - handles issues that extend across the whole of society, including laws, the environment, agriculture, the economy and culture.

The city of Örebro

Örebro is the largest town in the region with approximately 134,000 inhabitants. It is the seventh largest town in Sweden. Örebro University and the University Hospital are situated here, as well as several large businesses including Atlas Copco, Axfood, Saab Dynamics, three of the largest companies in Örebro.
The city of Örebro offers a rich cultural life. There are theatres, a concert hall, museums and galleries. You will also find good restaurants, shopping, pubs and a wide range of sporting and leisure activities. Örebro may also be described as a town for cycling with extensive cycling lanes so you can bike all over town. There are many parks in Örebro. If you want to take a bike trip to outlying areas, you can easily reach them by bike.

New physician training

Since 2011 the University of Örebro has offered medical training. The medical training programme in Örebro has a focus on the ill-health that comprises today's and tomorrow's great challenges, evidence-based health care as well as clinical research. Its collaboration with Region Örebro County is well-established and general practitioners in Primary care meet many students in the real world.
The University of Örebro also has other medical training programmes such as a nursing programme, an occupational therapist programme and an audiologist programme.


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