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Our employment offer

The Primary care system in Region Örebro County is offering you an employment opportunity at one of seven health care centres.

We also offer support and assistance with learning Swedish, Swedish work routines, employment opportunities for partners and also assistance with finding child care and school. 

Specialist in general medicine

As already a specialist in general medicine, you will continue with your specialisation but in an entirely new context. Working as a specialist in general medicine in Sweden can be similar to what you are used to today, especially when you meet patients, and in how prescriptions and patient treatment is handled. What might be new is that working for Region Örebro County means that you will be employed by a regional authority and as a professional you will also make decisions on their behalf regarding things like eligibility for sick leave.

Specialists in general medicine work together with other health care personnel and they are seldom the only doctor employed at the health care centres.  

Seven health care centres

You will work at one of seven selected health care centres. Their common feature is that they are located in a smaller town or community. The health care centres are situated in Degerfors, Karlskoga, Hällefors, Kopparberg, Lindesberg, Frövi and Fellingsbro. Find more information about them here. 

Our offer of employment is specifically for work at these specified health care centres. You will need to work in one of these health centres to take up this offer.

Long-awaited resource

Work at a health care centre in a small community involves a special approach. The distance that these centres are from larger emergency hospitals requires an independent approach to treatment.

All seven of the health care centres have in the recent past had more doctors than they do today. We have had difficulties in the recruitment of specialists in general medicine at health centres such as these, so your arrival would be especially welcome and eagerly awaited.

Swedish language training

Through our recruitment partner will we offer training in the Swedish language with a special focus on medical Swedish.
We will also offer supplementary language training for your partner.

Completion and professional development

When you have completed language training and begun professional development will we prepare individual professional development plans for each doctor. The aim of the plans is to provide you with the training necessary for Swedish conditions. The plan will be based on your previous experience. We have learned that there is a great variation depending which European country the doctor has his past experience from. Therefor is the length of program also individual, up to three years.
You will have a mentor, a Swedish colleague who is a specialist in general medicine. Most of the training will be held at your health care centre, but study visits may also occur at nearby hospitals.

Employment contract

When you have completed and passed the Swedish language courses, an initial employment of six months follows. If this trial period is satisfactory it will automatically be followed by a permanent employment.

Your benefits

We will give you a small relocation allowance of SEK 30,000, following your arrival in the county. 

During the trial period the salary will be 45.000 SEK per month for a working time of 40 hours per week. After six months the salary will change to 50.000 SEK. This will be your monthly salary until you have completed your individual professional development plan.

As a fully trained district medical officer you will qualify for a starting salary of at least SEK 62,000 per month. As physicians' salaries in Sweden are individual to each practitioner your experience and skills will thereafter determine your salary.

As an employee, contributions will be made by the employer to your occupational pension, irrespective of your form of employment. As an EU citizen, you will receive a government pension after you have notified us of this. 

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