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A common day at work

Yousef Mohammed and Krister Åkesson each work as specialists in general medicine at their respective health care centres.This is what their workday may look like:

The workday starts between 7:30 and 8:00 am.

30 min. - administrative work: prescriptions, laboratory results, inquiries from the nurses, signing journal entries, etc.

30 min. - time on the telephone, when patients can call directly.

60 min. - 2-3 scheduled appointments with patients.

120 min. - emergency appointments with patients, 4-8 patients.

30-60 min. - lunch

Afternoon - time for emergency appointments with patients or scheduled appointment, any meetings. A half day a week is spent on administrative work.

Krister Åkesson's workday ends at 2-2:30 pm.

Yousef Mohammed works until 4:30.

One night a week the health care centres are open until 7 pm. The staff take turns working that evening.

A few times a month the doctor is on-call in the evenings, on weekends and at night. General practitioners rarely have to go out at night.






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