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Temaseminarium - Kan kallelser öka covid-vaccination?

Hälsoekonomisk seminarieserie: Vaccination nudges – Kan kallelser öka covid-vaccination?

tor 03 mar 2022
13:30 - 14:30

Professor Niklas Jakobsson (Karlstad Universitet) presenterar en forskningsstudie om effekterna av kallelser på vaccinationstäckning. Studien visar att kallelser till COVID-vaccination i Region Uppsala ökade vaccinationstäckningen bland ungdomar i regionen.


Study title: Vaccination nudges

Abstract: A nudge changes people's actions without removing options or altering their incentives. During the COVID-19 vaccine roll-out, in lieu of opening up for bookings of appointments, the Swedish Region of Uppsala sent letters with pre-booked appointments to inhabitants aged 16-17. Using regional and municipal vaccination data, we document a large increase in vaccine uptake amongst this group, as compared to the untreated control. The results highlight the potential pre-booked vaccination times can have to raise vaccination rates.


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